904L Stainless Steal

Made from «Rolex» 904L Steel

Rolex Steel

Being forged from 904L steel our Replica Rolex watches offer the same excellent anti-corrosion properties as a genuine Rolex. This high quality steel was developed by the aerospace and chemical industries for its resistance to sulphuric acid it also has a very high resistance to a wide range of environments and is unfound in any other replica watch.

Solid 904L Steel

While most high-end watch companies utilize 1.4435 (or 316L) Stainless Steel, Rolex uses 1.4439 (or 904L) Stainless Steel. 904L has a higher nickel discharge, and thus a higher resistance to rust, corrosion, and pitting resistance.

Whilst using 904L steel may sound like overkill for manufacturing a replica watch, it’s just another example on the part of our Swiss replicas where only the best will do.

Advance Construction

904L stainless steel is harder to machine than other steels used in watches. Subsequently, like Rolex unique tools are use to work with the material including advance computer guided cutting machinery. Many of the production techniques used to construct our watches are identical to Rolex. In fact every component of our Rolex replicas can be interchangeable with genuine parts.

Using the same steel as Rolex ensured our replica watches also acquire that same exceptional sheen when polished or satin brushed finish synonymous with a genuine Rolex.


904L stainless steel, is a highly resistant superalloy with excellent anti-corrosion properties. For this reason it not only used by Rolex but also widely applied to components of sea equipment, and salt making equipment.

By purchasing your Rolex replica from us, you can be assured that your watch inherits the same excellent anti-corrosion properties and watertight construction as a genuine Rolex.


Magnetism has always been a problem for watchmakers and today this is even more important to guard against given the regular proximity of your mobile phone or iPad to your watch.

Understanding this important factor Our Replica watches uniquely combat the effects of magnetism by using the same ferromagnetic alloys as Rolex both in the construction and in several key components in our Swiss cloned movements.

Scratch & Ware-Resistant

New to 2014 and totally exclusive to our watches is the addition of ClearDLC™(Diamond like Coating) protectant finish technology which adds an extreme surface hardness to guard your watch against scratches, harsh environmental conditions and corrosive fluids, such as sweat or saltwater.

A ClearDLC™ coating is chemically infused to the metal surface using state-of-the-art equipment. This diamond hard like coating is 100% transparent and is only microns thick so does not change the look or the feel of the watch metal but dramatically increases the watch’s durability so it will look as good as new for many years to come.

Diamond Like Coating

ClearDLC™ protects all the gold /steel parts of the watch by adding a higher degree of hardness (up to 6,000 Vickers) to the watch surface. To put things in perspective, 18K Gold has a rating of 400 and 904L Steal “Rolex Steel” has a rating of 490 Vickers. With this exclusive finish your watch is over 12x more scratch resistant than even a genuine Rolex!

2 Year Warranty – ClearDLC™ coating formula has been heavily refined and perfected and is warrantied against defects for 2 years from the time of purchase.

Please Note: This process is NOT implemented by any other replica company only watches offered of this website have ClearDLC™ super durability.