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The Truth Behind Replica Review Sites

Have you ever wondered why there are so many replica review sites on the net all paying SOE specialists to be in poll position on google or yahoo? Well I will tell you..

These review sites are a cleaver method of sites promotion. For example there are many replica dealers that operate two or more site on the net. Now in order to promote them all in one hit, the “Replica Review” site was born.

The unaware public naturally view these review sites as independent non-profit organizations and take their advice as gospel. True there are in fact some good articles to be found that are informative. But these are place there to help “legitimize” their image but are generally mixed in amongst false claims.

You will notice that all these sites have a “site review” section, well who do you think they put at the top of they recommended sites – themselves of course!….and who do they call a scam?….Their competition of course!

These review sites are not only used to promote but also they are an effective tool to slander the competition. Articles and headers are viciously put together to try to kill off their competition with bold headers shouting “SCAM” “FRAUD” etc branding other replica sites as frauds or scam artists in an effective attempt to stop people buying from them and hopefully swinging punters around into buying from one of their own sites instead.

As long as people carry on to believe these sites and they will, these misleading replica review sites will remain online and keep on misinforming people. I personally think that this from of marketing has done a lot of damage to the business and its reputation. Most of these articles are grossly exaggerated and are also aimed heartlessly to destroy honest-dealers. It all creates more confusion and fear for the buyer, which can’t be a good thing.