When Bad Reviews Happen to Good Businesses

Study Explains Why People Write Fake Negative Reviews Online



Consumer reviews are now part of everyday decision-making. Yet, the credibility of these reviews is fundamentally undermined when competitors and customers leave false reviews.

An unscrupulous competitor or disgruntled customer can say horrible things anonymously and it’s almost impossible for any online business to get a negative review removed from the Web once it’s live — even if it’s clearly false or the customer’s issue has since been resolved.

New research shows that loyal customers are writing extremely negative reviews about products they never purchased. Duncan Simester, a marketing professor at MIT, and Eric Anderson of Northwestern University did a study based on reviews posted on the website of a major private-label apparel company that generates hundreds of thousands of reviews.

The duo found that about 5% of the product reviews were written by customers with no record of actually purchasing the item. Those reviews were “significantly more negative” than the remaining reviews. This distorts the process of Web feedback, making it generally unreliable.

One of the study’s authors, Duncan Simester, told the Times, people should take online reviews with a grain of salt—they don’t necessarily represent public opinion of a product.


“For every thousand customers, only about 15 write these reviews  and one of them is writing negative reviews of products he hasn’t bought. How surprised should we be that one out of a thousand people do something we have trouble understanding?”


The bottom line is, complaints boards only portray a disgruntled one-sided point of view and are a natural paradise for a any competitor to spread fear and trepidation about their competition.

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